Saints Named Paul

August 26, 2008 at 4:13 pm (Video) ()

Here’s a video for a new song: “God Knows I’m No Saint Paul”.
The idea started like this:
1. Make a list of famous people with really cool names.
2. Find a way to make them rhyme occasionally.
3. Group them in threes (or try to) — based mostly on how they sound or whether they would get along. Or maybe because they wouldn’t.
4. Come up with the conceit that “I’ve” tried to be like these people at one point or another.
5. Accept the inevitable failure of being the person someone else wants you to be.
6. Find a line that rhymes with Saint Paul — tie into main idea.
7. Repeat.
8. Then, after recording (but before final mix) — come up with video concept.
9. Pitch idea to wife.
10. Search for famous people mentioned on google images.
11. Buy construction paper, foam board, and glue sticks.
12. Get to cutting — rely on your wife’s amazing artistic abilities and stick-to-it-tiveness.
13. Work for 30 hours or so.
14. And enjoy.

Lyrics here.



  1. Jeff said,

    I love it! Where can I buy the album?

  2. Songsmith said,

    Thanks, Jeff! We’re mixing the album at the end of September and it should be available soon after.

  3. Bald Ben said,

    Dear Songsmith,

    I am very glad I found this blog. These are my reasons.

    1. I miss hanging out and playing songs at your house
    2. I have been unable to see you play, and was wondering how the songs were sounding.
    3. I don’t have to wonder about how the songs sound. They totally sound.
    4. I have kept a blog for over a year now, and on most days I feel like an idiot writing it. Now I know that while I maybe an idiot, you and I are the same kind of idiots.
    5. I still can barely play the piano.
    6. Blogging will not improve my piano playing.

    Thanks for reading my comment. Till next time.

    Bald Ben

  4. songsmith said,

    Baldy —

    Glad to be the same kind of idiot — I hope we can do it in the same room soon.
    Be idiots, I mean. (I miss Dom throwing you against my neighbor’s fence.)

    Can we mix business with pleasure? We are in desperate need of a new band photo.
    I wish you would. You sure make those kids of yours look good — do you work with

  5. Bald Ben said,

    Dear Songsmith,

    Band photo’s would be awesome. I just purchased a new badass camera. It’s so great you barely need me there to take the picture. However I will be there, lets talk about this.


    (by the way, who knew Dom actually had the strength to pick me up and toss me. I know I don’t weigh much, but come on have you actually seen Dom. He’s a panzy. Totally took me by surprise.)

  6. Dominic said,

    Bald One,

    I look forward to throwing you against the fence again. Maybe afterward, you can go home and blog about it. That’ll show me.

    In any event, beautiful song here, as usual, and totally amazing video. I miss my friends. I miss launching my friends into other peoples’ fences. It’s a pastime of mine. I wish it were more of a presenttime.


  7. Bald Ben said,


    You only get one. Next time you, me, the fence…Story ends with you eating the fence.


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