Shoveling Smoke

you met her outside in the park
it was late, long after dark
she smelled of booze and Trident, sugar free
you hugged below the cherry tree
she cleared your thoughts entirely
and made you regret all the hours that you sleep
   She said, “I feel sorry for people who don’t drink
   they wake up early and only start to think
   that’s the best they’re gonna feel all day.”
holding her’s like shoveling smoke
from the corner of a boat
lost out at sea far from starlight
her face has launched at least one ship
songs come sweetly from her lips
the girls all wept and chaps fell to their knees
  You said, “It’s painful to be pretty,” but that’s just what you are
  Your voice sounds like angels in the back seat of a car
   I wish I had the pillow that you dream your dreams on
   I know I need some keepsake to hold close when you are gone”

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