Split the Difference

Let’s split the difference
Let’s count up all the costs
Let’s let the bygones be gone
Leave it up to a coin toss
Let’s chalk an outline
Let’s dust for fingertips
Let’s let the light shine where it’s dark
They spend too much time apart
Let’s split the difference.
Let’s forget all acquaintance 
Let’s call off all the cops
Let’s put off indecision
Let’s give up second thoughts
Let’s throw out all opinions 
Stop trying to convince
Now you’ve got what you wanted now
At least what they’ll allow
Let’s split the difference
I gave you everything
I gave it every day
I gave it so completely
Can’t we meet half way?
Let’s bury the hatchet
Let’s wait for Kingdom Come
Let’s hope we know where to walk
and walk away from
Let’s reserve the right to question
Let’s resort to common sense
Why can’t we keep our mouths shut
so we can kiss and make up?
Let’s split the difference.

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